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I would be very happy if email forwards would not be allowed to post if they contained the >> character. Don't you just love trying to read something that is buried in >> symbols?

So without the requisite >>, I would like to forward an intriguing article written by an atheist who believes Africa needs God.Check it out at


In each of our lives we continually cross paths with those who are poor in some way.
Poverty-strickenPoor in health or appearancePoor intelligencePoorly placed in some demeaning or humble situationPoor communicatorsThose with a ‘poor me’ attitude
How well do you treat these people?Are you aware of their presence in your life?There are people who seem ‘little’ to us, but they are all ‘great’ in God’s eyes.
I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Jesus loves you.The rest of us think you are an a—hole.”
There is an attitude in the world that says, “Don’t waste your time on people that are insignificant.Look for the best crowd and become just like them.”
People knock others out of the way trying to succeed.
How are you doing?Have you elbowed any little people out of the way to secure yourself a better place in some situation?
These ‘poor folk' get treated like doormats in the world… just a thing to wipe your feet on as you pass by. God help us to watch our step. God help us realize how poor w…


A twelve year old is 80 miles from home without anyone to keep an eye on him – Mary and Joseph misplaced Jesus at the Passover and spent 3 extra days trying to find him.
"Why were you searching for me?" he asked. "Didn't you know I had to be in my Father's house?"
These words in the Temple indicate that he was an ‘old soul’.
The urban dictionary defines an ‘old soul’ in this way:
A spiritual person whom is wise beyond their years; people of strong emotional stability. Basically, someone whom has more understanding of the world around them. [i]
Our endless need to sensationalize and create celebrities finds no ancient paparazzi or gossip columnists telling us about Jesus life during the first 30 years.It goes against our need to show that Jesus was better than us.Maybe we want a Lord who stands out in the crowd and lives a magical existence above our daily grind.We might like a child or teenage Jesus who proves that good behavior leads to popularity and success…


If you have ever lost a child or been a child that got left behind, you know the anxiety and fear of such an occurrence.I remember a childhood incident where my family went to a church meeting in another town and I was mistakenly left behind.
It was in the early 70’s and Hal Lindsey’s book ‘The Late Great Planet Earth’ was a hot seller.He wrote about the Rapture when Jesus would return and Christians would be taken away from the earth.This would begin the Great Tribulation with seven years of horrible events leading to the rule of the Anti-Christ and the slaughter of all who would not take the mark of the beast.I was too young to be interested in reading the book, but I did watch ‘Thief In The Night’, a Mark IV Pictures movie which told the same story in dramatic form.(How could it not be told dramatically?)
All I knew was that I wanted to live right and have Jesus forgive me of my sins.If I didn’t make the grade, I knew that I would do everything in my childish power to resist taking t…


Somewhere between Grade 12 and my fourth year of college I concluded that I love the domain of people we call the Church.I love her because Jesus loves her.She is my family and you can’t choose your family, but you can choose to love them.I chose her and have given my life to care for her.
Sometimes it takes awhile to choose love.I had my reasons to be angry and feel left out.Those reasons did not go away until I chose to stop being a cynic and become a servant. Nothing changed until I was willing to be part of the solution instead of standing back as a critic.
Anyone who is serious about loving knows that it will always stretch you.I’m not sure that you can actually love without preferring someone else over your own imminent needs.
In our congregation we are facing an election of board members.Would it be more appropriate to say we are seeking four people who deeply love the Lord and his Bride?
Like a team of wedding planners, a pastor and church board exist to nurture and develop the co…


(In 2002 I sent this list to Mark Gilman, a radio host on WMUZ. He read it on air and gave me some great Bible software as a way to say thank you.)

Here's my list:

10. Lean back over the front pew to face the back of the auditorium and lip-synch to the pastor's sermon.
9.Instead of saying amen at appropriate times in the sermon, put on your best Homer Simpson voice and say, "Mmmm… donuts!"
8.At church socials push your way to the front of the food line so you can take a bite out of each of the donuts
7. When the offering plate comes to you, drop your quarters in slowly from above your head and loudly count the amount you put in (25, 50, 75, $1). Stop after $1.75 and say, "No wait, I lost count!" Pick up your quarters and start the count again
6.When the offering plate comes to you dump it on the person next to you
5.When the soloist begins to sing, sing along loudly with your best Jerry Lewis impression
4.Find someone you…


John 1:5 The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.

If we love darkness, we do not welcome the exposure that light brings.It’s much easier to believe lies when there is no light to show what’s true.In the dark, I can imagine that I’m ten feet tall and king of the world.When I awake in the morning light, I realize I need a shower and a shave.
God’s words penetrate like light into darkness.Fear lifts and reality takes shape when the lights are turned on.Still, darkness does not comprehend light.We are in the dark trying to comprehend the glow on the horizon.Until we know what light is, it is invasive and demanding.
We are like so many vampires who need to get back in our coffins before the sun appears.Otherwise, we will lose our power and die in the light.Vampires are fearsome, magical beings that make a living out of sucking blood from their victims.Sensible, scientific minds recognize that they are works of fiction originating with Bram Stoker and possibly …


Preaching is an unusual art.Most of the words that I say publicly are forgotten within minutes of being heard.Occasionally I will say something that will be remembered past the next week.So what if any value is there in devoting my life to public speaking in league with the Almighty?If it were not for God’s calling and the biblical instruction to teach, I would sit down and shut up.
The only reason for me to preach at all is found in simply functioning as a message boy.An important message is handed to a kid with a bicycle who then careens through the streets to find an address where certain words can be delivered to the recipients.
There are no world famous message boys or delivery guys.Yet, in the world of religion we have a plethora of famous messengers.We can name dozens of Christian preachers and writers from several centuries.And mostly, we have forgotten 99.9% of anything they said.
Even the great apostle Paul with his memorable words said he wasn’t trying to use big words to impr…