STAYING ON TRACK #2 - What Are Your Current And Future Opportunities?

If God wants you to move ahead, an opportunity will be available to you.  If your dream is hopeless and every door is closed, let it go.  It is not God’s plan for you to bust down closed doors. 

When the Israelites followed Moses out of Egypt, they got bottle-necked at the Red Sea.  They had nowhere else to turn and the enemy was closing in fast.  So they did what many of us would do.  They complained to Moses, the man in charge.

Moses knew better how to think in this situation.  He prayed to God for guidance.  God opened an unusual opportunity by creating a dry path through the Red Sea.  It was a situation where no other solution existed.

The most sensible thing to do was to take the path that God opened up. God always has options, even when you can’t see them at first.  Learn to wait until the opportunity arrives.  Your life will be a series of unusual opportunities if you learn to trust God for guidance and obey when the opportunity presents itself.