STAYING ON TRACK #3 - Who Is Your Coach And What Are They Asking Of You?

Who coaches you?  The Scriptures and the Holy Spirit are your personal trainers, but that’s not all.  God has had many others on the same track as you.  Other Christians have many things to teach you about staying on track and winning the race.  You need to learn to listen to others and be teachable.

Proud people think they can figure it all out themselves and don’t need any coaching or advice.  Humble winners are always learning from others and asking for evaluation of their track record.

Don’t surround yourself only with those who always agree with you.  Find people who can ask you the tough questions and challenge your assumptions.  If you are pursuing God’s Will, it makes sense to run it by others who have had to wrestle with doing the right thing.

Choose your coaches wisely.  They should be unbiased and spiritually sensitive.  They should know God and walk in love.  They should know and live God’s Word.