STAYING ON TRACK #4 - Have You Measured Your Motives?

What is inspiring you to pursue a particular plan or action?  Following God’s will in life can produce a joy which gives you great strength.  Following God also includes a measure of suffering and trials.  Feeling good is not the accurate measure for God’s Will.

The Bible speaks much of the heart.  What is really in your heart? 

When you look at your motives, there may be a desire to humbly see God’s Kingdom made real in your life and others.  Or, you may have the motive of satisfying your flesh with the disguise of doing something good.

God looks into your heart and measures your motives.  You should self-scan and see what moves you to pursue particular decisions and actions.  Filter out decisions that feed your cravings but run opposite to God’s direction.

You can race the car skilfully in the wrong direction and never win the race.