Pastor Rielly let us all know on Father’s Day that he doesn’t always understand the hype surrounding holidays.  But Friday was another day of remembrance.

Happy birthday Rielly!  This week he turned twenty-nine and we had a conversation in which he seemed to mope, just a little.  I could sense the spirit of Scrooge over him whispering, “Bah!  Humbug!”

At twenty-nine he is realizing that he is not a kid anymore.  With his youth disappearing in the rearview mirror, the road ahead appears long and foggy.  As a brother twenty years further down the road, the trip has been a grand adventure with an ever-changing landscape.  There have been some dark stretches and patches of fog, but overall there is much to see and experience in the uniqueness of who you are becoming.

Let me say that we thank God for the day you were born.  Your birthday matters because God designed you as a gift to the world.  We receive the gift of who you are.  As God’s grace continues to grow in you, there is a deepening wisdom and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. 

Birthdays are the mile markers on our road home.  They remind us how close our destination is.

Could we maybe pause here and sing ‘Happy Birthday’?  If only I had a Sunday School birthday pencil to give to you…