The kingdom is like a merchant who seeks fine pearls.  He is trained in where to look and how to assess value.  Not just any pearls, he wants the finest.  God is like that merchant looking for you.  You are like the merchant looking for God’s best.

Divers sought pearls in the Red Sea, Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean, and some pearls could be worth the equivalent of millions of dollars. [i]

Imagine a church where its people were sold out to seeking the treasures of Heaven.  What if we all were focused on securing the riches of Christ?  The average eye cannot see the value of a church devoted to Kingdom buy-in.  Are you a pearl diver in the ocean of God’s love?

Pearls are mentioned fewer than a dozen times in the Bible, where their status as a prized jewel makes them a touchstone of beauty, value and permanence…  Because of their beauty and value, pearls become a recognized standard of excellence when biblical authors wish to make a comparison.  Thus, ‘The price of wisdom is above pearls’ (Job 28:18), and the gospel itself is so precious that it should not be offered to hostile people indiscriminately: ‘Do not throw your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under foot and turn to attack you.’ (Matthew 7:6)[ii]

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