My computer could not have crashed at a better time.  Just prior to holidays the hard drive and power supply went down.  If data recovery is complete, I will get it back today.

So instead of working, I spent the past week in Bushnell, Illinois at Cornerstone Music Festival.  I've wanted to go since the eighties and finally made it. 

Comments on various bands:

THE LOST DOGS - best show of several times hearing them.  The new album is based on the Grapes Of Wrath with a dust bowl theme.  I told Mike Roe this album could easily add ten years to their career.  Terry Taylor recently turned 60.

MIKE ROE - what is it with the aging guys returning to roots music?  Mike's new stuff is diggin' deep into the early years of gospel and blues.  Still one of my favorites.  Had an conversation with him about Gene Eugene who passed away 10 years ago.  Mike heard me sing at Dwight's funeral and later realized I reminded him of Gene's voice.  Had he known I was at the festival during his duet performance with Derry Daugherty, he would have invited me to sing Gene's part on Anytime At All.  It's probably best that I didn't have the opportunity.  The ghost of Gene Eugene might start haunting me.

TERRY TAYLOR - something good must be happening to Terry at 60.  He performance was stellar and his writing for the Dogs richer.

OVER THE RHINE - Wow!  class act that I finally got to see. 

MEN AS TREES WALKING - a family band with a few extras from Texas.  Jewish reggae folk rock.  They really have an unusual worship vibe complete with top hats, goggles, dreadlocks, kilts, striped leggings, etc.  True blue charismatics with an unforgettable performance.

THE ILLALOGICAL SPOON - self-described as green anarchists and theologians.  I picture this tribe living in plywood shacks deep in the woods near Jackson, Michigan.  It was truly a hippie hootenany complete with guitars, percussion, cello, upright bass, mandolin, trumpet and a hairy legged girl with a tree branch for percussion. 

TIMBRE - Timbre is a harpist and singer that raised the bar on performance.  Her gentle hippie band added stunning accompaniment on accordion, guitar, percussion and various sundry instruments and vocals.  Gently Bjork-like with shades of My Brightest Diamond.  I think Timbre just might be the smartest musician there.  She had guest appearances on stage with Mewithoutyou, O Brother, Dignan, Sleeping Giants, and a few more.  She really knows how to make friends and that will take her a million miles in the biz.

I'll add more reflections on my next post.