(I think this will be my last post about Cornerstone for this year.  I do have 3 book reviews that I'm trying to wrap up and hope to post in the coming weeks.)

MEWITHOUTYOU - most of the mainstage performances were disappointing to me for two reasons.  With the best equipment in the world, the sound system was mixed poorly.  Secondly, many of the mainstage acts were not artists that I thrive on.  Mewithoutyou was an exception to my 2nd reason.  Aaron Weiss is a most intriguing frontman and writer.  Raised in a home with a Sufi Muslim mother and a Jewish father, he borrows from the big 3 Abrahamic religions for source material.  As you can imagine, that creates controversy and that was evident the next day.  Glen Clark was the facilitator for a seminar that Aaron was to speak at.  Someone pulled the plug on Aaron speaking and Glen tried to fill the time by explaining without explaining why Aaron wasn't going to be speaking.  All that aside, it was a great concert.  Their latest album involved production from Daniel Smith of Danielson Famile.  Aaron is screaming less and singing more with great effect.

GLENN KAISER - I caught 2 performances.  The first was his power blues trio.  Glenn continues to hold his jam rock roots firmly and passionately.  His playing and singing are as cutting and electrifying as ever.  The 2nd performance was a late night blues jam with a handful of players including Jesus music veteran Rob Cassells on B3 and piano.  Lip smackin' tasty.  Glenn is a humble, affectionate gentleman on stage and the late night blues jam proved there is a still a place for the old guys at Cornerstone :>)

A PLEA FOR PURGING - I'm probably too old for Hardcore/screamo music, but I love it live.  These guys are tight players and extremely entertaining to watch.  Their frontman hardly has to move to keep your attention.  Their bass player is a giant, long-haired Paul Bunyan who spins his hair around like a windmill.  Man... do these boys rock!!!

BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL - in theater and television, 'breaking the fourth wall' refers to actors deliberately penetrating the imaginary wall between audience and stage.  Someone on stage will break from script to say something to an audience member.  The band by this name is from Montreal and have played at a local venue we hold in our church building.  We call the venue 'Hardcore Church'.  The band stayed overnight at the church when they played Windsor and had breakfast with us the next day.  I caught their last two songs at one of their Cornerstone performances.  They do hardcore well and two of the original band members waved at me from the stage.  Then in their last song when they 'break the fourth wall', one of the guitarists took off his shoes and chucked them into the audience.  One of the shoes met my face and knocked my glasses off.  While I would have preferred they keep the fourth wall intact, it added to the humor and provided me with two days of apologies following.  Great hardcore show.

LISTENER - a beat poet who reminds me of Buck 65 and the manic edge of Nick Cave.  I would see these guys again in a heartbeat.  Picture a manic poet chanting to tracks accompanied by his sidekick who plays guitar or pounds a washing machine onstage with a club.  Some other guest was onstage playing banjo and sharing the pounding responsibilities.  I do not believe Listener is endorsed by Maytag, but they should be.

O'BROTHER - this 5 piece band comes from Atlanta, Georgia and bring an intensity I haven't heard for awhile.  Maybe a postmodern Michael Been meets Live.  Adding to the mysteriousness, two of the brothers are either North American Indian or Mexican (pardon my cultural lack of awareness).  Long haired with mustaches and dark skin.  They brought a mystical ambience to the whole production.

HAND DRAWN MOUNTAINS - a young band from Pennsylvania that prove that boys and girls can co-exist in a complimentary fashion on stage.  A haunting male vocalist and a crisp, creative guitarist are perfectly framed by the other bandmates who bring wonderful songs to life.  Watch for these people.

WHITE COLLAR SIDESHOW - okay, this is nuts!  But I like it.  This is a theatrical piece using drums, bass  and multimedia images.  The ringmaster openly confesses that he had an addiction to porn and the show is built on that problem being rampant among Christian men and women.  He's dressed up like a ringmaster and moves around the stage playing drums and percussion.  His wife plays bass in a cage wearing a blank white mask.  The third member plays drums and wears a pig mask and overalls.  He wanders out at times to the audience.  The whole thing has the feel of a horror movie and does a great job of calling people to repentance.