Len and Frank have done a great job of fulfilling their mandate in this writing.  The flyleaf description gives you the gist of what they want to say.

JESUS MANIFESTO presents a fresh unveiling of Jesus as not only Savior and Lord, but as so much more.  It is a prophetic call to restore the supremacy and sovereignty of Christ in a world-- and a church-- that has lost sight of Him.
Every revival and restoration in the church has been a rediscovery of some aspect of Christ in the process of answering the ultimate question that Jesus put to His disciples: "Who do you say that I am?"

I was immediately struck by the devotional high-tone in their writing.  Instead of the dull rumbling of correction, there is a brilliant voice calling us to Christ worship.  This may become a classic in devotional literature.

This is a book rich in vibrant quotes and solid Christology.  It presents the Jesus who is more important than our best laid plans and causes in His Name.

On a personal note, I've been preaching my way through the red letters in the Gospels.  As I've spent the last year in the spoken words of Jesus, I've found a refreshing alignment with the Person of Jesus.  From the platform of His words, I'm rediscovering that Jesus Christ clearly is the central theme of all Scripture.  This book was helpful in reminding me that everything in life and the universe comes back to Him.

I heartily endorse this book for its 'first love' focus.


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Jon Reid said…
Oh yes, Kevin. I've found that beyond being a "good read," this book has wormed its way into my consciousness. It's shaped my language and is shaping my thoughts (and hopefully actions).