On the third day... KAMBOOM!  Something exploded in the first century.  The shock waves devastated the kingdoms of this world and flattened the walls that separated people from God;  walls that separated people from people.

Max Lucado has written an account of the first 12 chapters of the Acts of the Apostles mixed with personal stories that demonstrate that the ripple effect of Pentecost is still echoing from that initial blast.

Can the dynamics of the first century church be experienced again?  Max is hopeful.  He has a revolutionary heart fused to the resurrected Christ.  His fuse is lit.

This is a call to 21st century Christians asking us to pray and dream and live a life that will leave enduring marks for the Kingdom of God.

Christianity Today Magazine called him 'America's Pastor'.  Max Lucado has published more than 60 adult and children's titles in a span of 25 years.  To commemorate that anniversary, he has written this book with all royalties going to sponsor children through World Vision. His goal is to raise sponsorship for 25,000 children through the book and his speaking tour.

By some fluke, this is the first Max Lucado book that I have read.  (What kind of pastor am I?).  As a first time reader I was impressed with his clear and colorful writing style.  The words and storyline flowed seamlessly from topic to topic.  It felt like a brilliant day in church when the pastor's message was just what you needed to make a significant change.

My 17 year old son Jesse is at a unique stage of exploring theology and apologetics.  Now that I've read it, I'm passing it along.

Go buy this one.  Help support children around the world while you're at it.


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Thanks to Graf-Martin Communications for the review copy.