How do you know if you are a leader or not?  The old adage is ‘look behind you.  If anyone is following, then you are a leader.’

The implication is that leadership attracts others to follow.

The best ministries are birthed by risk-takers and staffed by strugglers.

Leaders with small dreams can usually do what is required single-handedly and only require followers.

If you are a leader with a big dream, you inevitably reach the conclusion that you need help and cannot do everything yourself. 

Consider the difference between a man who decides to make a path through the woods behind his house and a new world explorer who intends to establish a new civilization.  One goal can be accomplished alone; the other requires teamwork.

A leader is a person with a magnet in his heart and a compass in his head.
Robert Townsend

When God created humanity, His plan was that we would explore the world, take responsibility and create.  In His goal of redemption, He speaks to people about sharing in His desire to reconcile all things to Himself.

Jesus talked about the Kingdom being a great banquet that needed guests to be brought to.  The search through streets, alleys and hedges was to find those who appeared to be most in need of a good meal and hospitality. 

The world is a wild frontier of humanity waiting to be found, reconciled and settled for God’s glory.  What do God’s wild frontier leaders look like?