It is our view of 'The Church' that is too small.

We have focused on the correctness of our own theological camp to such an extent that other followers of Jesus are explained away as having doctrinal error and possibly not being true disciples.

The Christian Church globally throughout history divides into 3 main arteries-- Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant.  All originated from the Early Church described in Acts and the early church Fathers.

John H. Armstrong presents a refreshing look at Jesus' prayer for unity found in John Chapter 17.  What is this unity and how is it to exist in the world today?

Much of the rhetoric and propaganda that has separated Christians is explored in light of the clear teachings of the New Testament.

This book is a voice of clarity in discerning the ancient-future connectedness of Christ's followers through time and creed.  You cannot read this book without having your own separatist ideas brought into question.

On a personal level I am prayerfully thinking about how to lead others in efforts that fulfill Jesus' prayer for unity.

John H. Armstrong is president of Act 3 in Carol Stream, Illinois, and served as a pastor for more than twenty years.  He is an adjunct professor of evangelism at Wheaton College Graduate School.

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