In spite of what the liars have been saying for the past 33 years, Elvis Presley is definitely still alive.  Saturday night at New Song Church he gave a fund-raising concert.  Strangely, this seventy-three year old looked thirty years younger.  I was not there, but I know people that were.  They told me he put on a good show and raised a few hundred dollars.  I’m glad that Elvis still has a generous heart and thinks about us little people.  Still… it makes me wonder.

·         How has he maintained his youthfulness while his peers have passed away or aged beyond recognition? 

·         Why won’t the mainstream media interview him and put to rest the nasty rumors that he died in 1977? 

·         Why has such a brilliant talent not recorded anything new? 

These and other questions plague my mind.  Is it possible that we gave been hoaxed?  Could it be that the man who performed Saturday night is an impostor?  You cannot believe everything that people at your church tell you.  I was told that he was here, but now I’m wondering if it is a conspiracy.  Could his faked death and funeral in 1977 possibly be the real truth?  Why have the CIA and the IRS collaborated with The Illuminati and the Liberal media to tell us Elvis is alive, when in fact there is secret evidence to suggest he may actually be dead?

Conspiring minds want to know…

Conspiracy theorists have been at work from the beginning of time.  Every historical account of most anything is subject to people who question and deny the stated truth.  There is something intoxicating about the idea that popular figures are not really who they say they are.  As if life is not wonderful and tragic enough, people want to prove that the truth is actually a lie.

You may have heard that President Obama is a Muslim.  You may have heard that the Pope is the anti-Christ.  You may have heard that I’m a crack dealer. 

If any or all of these things are true, what does it mean?  It is in our nature to find fault with authority and persuade others to join us in our distrust and fear. 

Beyond our negative opinions and beliefs pertaining to authority is a question of our own character.  To what extent will we assume moral superiority and twist the truth to serve our purposes?  What is our purpose when we suggest that the moon landing was a hoax?  What is the outcome of saying that George Bush and Dick Cheney masterminded the September 11th tragedy?  Although it is well documented that Barrack Obama is a Christian, what are the underlying assumptions of saying that he is Muslim?     What if your inflated theories are false?  Do you bear any responsibility for perpetuating lies?