We should not be shocked when we hear of ordinary people who do not know the first thing about Jesus Christ.  Many have heard his name, but that is where their knowledge ends.  As followers, we have a job to go to people who have not heard and tell them about Him.  

Let us present an accurate story though; and not a pop star version of whom we think people will be interested in.  Jesus is not Justin Timberlake, nor is he Time Magazine’s man of the year.  He is the Suffering Servant who gave His life as a ransom for many.  He did not use His power to draw attention to Himself.  All glory was intended to go to His Father.

Jesus did not fall in love with his own image.  There were many times when he insisted on keeping a low profile.  He did not want people to openly promote the idea that he was the Messiah.  When we think about the great sayings of Jesus, it is easy to overlook his repeated verbal request to keep his gift-giving of healing, deliverance and miracles hidden.  He often told people and demons to be quiet and not announce His true identity. 

Perhaps he did not want to mistaken for the heroic, state-saving Messiah that most Jews were wishing for.  The Messiah of the Prophets was increasingly replaced by a propped-up false image of what people wanted.  Jesus would not be identified with a mythological figure; nor would he disclose what only God’s Spirit could reveal.