As I drove past the 4,000 square foot home on an acre of land I thought, “This is the right street but that can’t be my friend’s house.”  After exploring the street to its end and returning, I pulled in the driveway and discovered my buddy had done well.

We were recently reunited at his uncle’s funeral.  A month later, I am here visiting a friend from my high school years.  He only lives an hour away, but you lose touch with some of your dearest friends over time.

And appearances can be deceiving.  He had done very well in the construction business until three years ago when recession took its toll.  Within a short period of time, he lost most of his wealth and is now starting over.  The huge house is on the market and a smaller home is being built.  He has spent the last couple years learning a new business as a day trader. 

All evening we talked about risk and dreams.  We talked about friends and family who have suffered and died.  It was a night about the things that matter most and what we are hoping for.

At 49 years of age, he has given up the American dream of living comfortably and retiring young.  Now, his biggest priority is to know God more and serve Him.  He always had faith, but now it’s going deeper.

So, I asked him, “What does that look like for you?”  After a thoughtful pause, he replied, “I’m starting to spend my time visiting sick people in the hospitals.  I want to be a man of prayer and to know God’s Word.”

An economic crisis has caused my friend to re-purpose his existence.  He is downsizing and making room for a bigger God.

What do you have in your life that needs downsizing?  There are many looming and overshadowing things that can block out the sky in your life.  Wealth, demanding relationships, fear of failure, self-importance—these are just a few of the God-blockers.