I am interested in the movement and migration of people. Very few people stay fixed in one place for a lifetime. World history tells many stories of beginning, exile, idea, exodus, exploration and conquest.  

Your history and life story includes a similar pattern.  

From your beginning as a zygote you have been on the move chasing ideas and sources of comfort.  While change is continuous, there are a few basics that we will always want to include.

Everyone wants something to eat.  A comfortable place to sleep makes the next day better; and we want something worthwhile to do tomorrow.

Who does not want a few other people to share life with? Even the hermit who chooses to live alone can reference distant relationships in their past. One of our church neighbors lives alone in a small, dilapidated house.  When you have a rare conversation with him, he often will talk about his aged mother and the landlady he is in love with.  Neither of them are a regular part of his life, but they define him.  They are part of his thought life and represent certain ideals and unmet needs.

Everyone we know has a measureable distance from us. Some we want to have closer and others we want to distance ourselves from.  

In finding our place in the world, we experience many movements and migrations looking for someone to eat and sleep with. Somewhere we want to settle into meaningful, purposeful activity.  If we’re not there yet, we will either move on or stay in place and die.