In weather patterns, storms occur at the meeting point of two air masses.  A high pressure and a low pressure area collide with dramatic effects. 

Two opposing tribes also experience border clashes or civil wars at the intersection of their lives.  Do you ever wonder about the storms and border clashes occurring in your life?

The Christian faith has an influence in the culture.  Jesus called us to be salt and light.  But, I suppose the converse is also true—the culture shapes the Church.  If there is a scale to measure influence, I wonder which party has more influence over the other.

In the age of political correctness, we are constantly learning a new vocabulary.  We stop using words and ideas that may be offensive.  The goal is to teach us greater sensitivity and tolerance by preferring language and public policies that give more dignity to commonly held ethics.

As a follower of Jesus, I have some thoughts about political correctness:

1.       Jesus and the Scriptures must shape me more than the ideologies and values of the surrounding culture.  I cannot be politically correct when the value conflicts with my faith.

2.       My ideal is to live by the law of love.  That informs my speech, behavior and ideas.  In that way I have a margin for political correctness.

3.       Theology cannot be rooted in political correctness, but it can be expressed with sensitivity.  Theology must be rooted in revelation more than its fit into our experience. 

Each follower of Jesus from every generation and culture needs to develop an understanding of God based in what God has revealed consistently throughout history.  It must then be taught in the context of the learner.