The years of Christ’s earthly ministry came at a strategic time.  Judaism was ripe for an emphasis on the personal relationship that God desires to have with His People.  Other religious revivals of that time tended to be elitist and required people to put on their best performance for God.  

Jesus came with the good news for people who were incapable of a perfect performance.

The world of that day was uniquely prepared to spread the gospel.  Alexander The Great’s conquests had given the ancient world Greek as a common language, thus breaking down the language barrier that kept communities separated.  The gospel had a language to reach to the ends of the earth.  Rome’s conquests had provided a road system which meant the early missionaries could get to far-off places and spread the good news.

As I reflect on the past year at New Song Church, I see God’s perfect timing at work.  We have had several new people come to Christ and begin their shared journey with us.  He has taught us the common language of love and helped us build roads of ministry that join together the varied communities of ministry growing in New Song Church.