Why do we wrestle with the implications of God’s Law?  What are we missing? 

Theologically, we can explain that we do not need to observe the Ceremonial Law and many of the lifestyle laws from Moses’ time.  But Jesus goes deeper into the heart of Law. 

He presents God’s Law as good seed ready to impregnate hearts where it can grow into God’s Kingdom.  Right at the gates of God’s Kingdom there is a terrible realization that we are incapable of personal righteousness.  Only God can grow His goodness through us.  It is a sorry surrender and a glorious passage into grace. 

We do not need to make excuses any longer for the impossibility of keeping God’s Law.  We surrender to God’s Law being written personally into our hearts.  We cannot measure progress in this by comparing ourselves to the community.  The Law of God is about something other than what we have thought.

We need to talk more about this, don’t we?  Let me conclude this thought by suggesting an acronym that identifies what we may not have heard about God’s Law. 

L – A – W – 

The letter ‘L’ reminds us that God’s Law is entirely birthed and expressed through His Love.  To a nation of slaves without a positive identity or self-sustaining way of life God spoke through Moses and gave them a rulebook to build a nation on.  God’s Love provided His people with an identity and values that would set them on the path of blessing and legacy.

The letter ‘A’ speaks to the Attributes of God’s Character.  His Law reminds us of His justice, mercy, love, thoughtfulness and holiness.  To a humanity created in God’s image, the Law gets to the heart of what it means to live in His household.  God’s nature is expressed through love; all of His characteristics emanate from His love.

The letter ‘W’ reminds us of God’s Wisdom.  Like a Father who provides a disciplined structure and life in which to love his children, God mentors His Law into our daily lives.  As we learn submission and obedience to the Father’s Will, we discover the true intentions He has.  Obedience brings security and blessing.

Disobedience brings correction and the love of a Father who respects the free will of a child and waits for their awakening to wisdom.