We are arrogant to ever think that our philosophy and worldview are unchanging.  Everyone has politics—ideas that shape their choices and identify them with a larger community. 

So, how can an apolitical God ever be acceptable to a political people?  How can God followers hope to survive a world that changes its politics with regularity?  There are some critical ideas in Scripture that are unavoidably offensive to people; ideas that Paul said make the gospel a stumbling block or offense to the world. 

Here are a few hot spots in the values clarification of both saints and sinners.  (Oops!  Did I just use two words that do not fit in the p.c. lexicon?)
·         Sin
·         Blood sacrifice
·         Limiting God’s identity to the Godhead
·         Authority of our Scriptures
·         Israel as God’s chosen nation
·         The Law of God
·         Judgment
·         Punishment
·         Hell and damnation
·         Repentance
·         Crucifixion
·         Christ has risen
·         Christ will come again