A writer by the pseudo-name ‘Vampire Obsessed’ wrote Yahoo Answers with the following question:

Why is my friend pretending to be emo?
My friend walks round head down all the time. She ties up her hair and clips back her side-fringe and thinks she's all cool.
I know what she has done - she has made it look as if she is so emo when really she is such a poser. No one else sees it this way, though because she made the 'change' gradual.
She is happy a lot of the time, though, but when people are looking, she just reads and keeps her head down.
She is a poser and she does not cut herself (not saying that she should just, you know...) and she has nothing to be depressed or emotional about.
So why is she pretending to be all cool and emo???
How can I tell her to just stop?

P.S. um.. It's not ME pretending in case you didn’t know and I’m NOT the one going round saying 'I hate myself' etc.  

If I were to respond to the question, I would say this.

Dear Vampire Obsessed: 

Unfortunately, this behavior is all too common. If you have a dislike of ‘emo’ kids and are bothered that your friend is identifying with them, it may not be her fakery but your comfort level. On the other hand, if you see your friend acting out to find acceptance that is another matter. You may need to pull her aside and tell her how you feel. Let her know that you think she is a great person and you love her the way she already is. Tell her about your feelings towards her acting ‘emo’ and look for ways to strengthen understanding between you.

Another old guy pretending to be Dr. Phil