Have you ever had someone look at you and say, “Why don’t you just get over it”? Or, “You need to get over it”.

Usually, we are being told that we should let go of the impact that something is having on us. 

Get over:

Ø Your divorce

Ø The death of a loved one

Ø A missed opportunity

Ø A disappointment

Ø The good old days

Ø The horrors of the past

Ø A big change

Sometimes ‘Get Over It’ seems harsh or lacks understanding of the impact that things have upon us. Sometimes ‘Get Over It’ is a kindly reminder that we are wallowing in things that we need to get out of.

Do you know that Jesus wants to speak to us and say “Get Over It”? But He is not asking us to suppress or endure things beyond our grasp.

Being an overcomer, means you 'get over it'.