Your past, present and future. We find security knowing that God inhabits all three. Here's a video from a worship service at New Song Church with one of my original compositions.

(copyright) Kevin Rogers

When you formed me in the womb
When you rose out of the tomb
And Heaven's light shone
I was safe, I was safe

When the flood waters rise
When the darkness veils my eyes
And all creation starts to cry
I am safe, I am safe

If nothing else is true
I can trust in you
You are my security
I'm imprisoned but I'm free
Feed me with your wine and bread
Rescue from the Devil's dread
Warming fire of love divine
I will watch the shadows shine, shine, shine

When martyr fires light the sky
When my teardrops will not dry
And the reaper lifts his scythe
I will be safe, I will be safe