Last count, I had 2216 Facebook Friends.  LOL and smiley winks to that. If I really had that many friends, I’d ask them each to give me $100.00. To qualify as my Facebook friend,

I need to have you met you once or know someone that knows someone. It’s a stretch to call everyone a friend.

Authentic friendships thrive on trust and commonality. These are the friends that we are most likely to turn to for recreation, companionship and as confidantes.

There are also people that we know in specific settings. Even though our lives seldom overlap, they become our closest friends in the moment. Often there are personality traits and connecting points that weld us together for short-term enjoyment. I have friends that I only see at work meetings once or twice a year.

Have you encountered people who pretend to be your friend? It’s in the same category as name-droppers and network marketers. All of a sudden, they appear in your life acting friendly and you wonder when they are going to reveal a hidden motive.

“Wow! I haven’t seen you for thirty years. We should have you and your family over for dinner. What are you doing tonight?”

…And the bells of inauthenticity are ringing in your head. Why are they pretending to be so close and intimate when we hardly know each other?