What is this unconquerable peace that Jesus experienced? Torture and execution are not peace giving. Bearing the weight of the world’s sin is unthinkably horrific.

Jesus knew the peace of God, the true essence of Shalom. You cannot say ‘Peace to you’ with authority unless you are walking in peace yourself. How were the disciples to comprehend the peace of God if Jesus were not standing alive before them?

John 20: (The Message) 20-21 The disciples, seeing the Master with their own eyes, were exuberant. Jesus repeated his greeting: "Peace to you. Just as the Father sent me, I send you."

In the strangeness of seeing a dead man back to life, Jesus repeats the greeting in case they missed it the first time. ‘Peace to you’.

When we suffer or experience humiliation, we are likely to lose our peace. Left to our own thoughts, we become impregnated with a root of bitterness. The injustice done to us cannot go unpunished. Someone has to pay! When justice is not satisfied on our terms, we desire vengeance.

Jesus was a human anomaly. He faced brutality and treachery with forgiveness and surrender.

How had the Father sent Jesus? He sent the Divine Son as Heaven’s ambassador clothed in full humanity. He sent Jesus on a mission of great sacrifice. If Jesus is to send us in the same way, we will need the peace that He has. We will need God saying ‘Peace to you’ if we are to take up our cross.

Jesus’ peace at this moment was undeniable. After everything horrible, He had conquered death and now knew the certainty of life. His immortality had proven to be true. Everlasting peace was upon Him.

He sends us as earth-born ambassadors of Heaven to walk as He walked. God says ‘Peace to you’. How can we follow Jesus at all if we are not deeply changed?

In the context of their fear and uncertainty, Jesus appears with God’s peace. He informs them that they are being sent into the world in the same the Father had sent him.

Now, how would they last? What would keep them moving forward in obedience to the Father? Was Jesus serious about sending them or us?

If history is any indicator, they were in trouble. They argued about how great they thought they were. They shooed away children when Jesus wanted to welcome them. Peter had cut off an ear and repeatedly lied about knowing Jesus. They all had done and said stupid things. In the heat of spiritual battle, they all ran away and hid.

In the weight of being sent by God, there is a collective sigh.. We exhale with uncertain breath.