Before I give you my thoughts on Ian Morgan Cron's newest book, let me make an offer. I will send a copy of this book to the first person with the greatest number of these characteristics:

- raised by an alcoholic father
- had a parent who worked covertly for an Intelligence Agency
- raised Catholic
- attended Young Life, Campus Life or some student ministry during high school years
- partied hard

Email me at with your score out of 5. Highest entry wins the book.

Now to my thoughts...

Ian Cron strikes me as the coolest Episcopal priest I ever came across. Not that I know any, but if I did I would think he stands out.

He writes with the humor of Garrison Keillor and hints of Woody Allen. He is theologically trained but does not write a treatise. Instead, we find an auto-biography that brings us to a quiet place at an altar. His testimony reminds us that broken people are healed by a broken Lord.

This is his journey with Christ from childhood, through addiction and depression to parenting and priesthood. I was struck by the simplicity of his gospel and huge gaps in the story. We learn very little about his seminary years or how he came into the priesthood.

But the gaps make sense because Ian turns himself inside out with vulnerability and intention. I was left with the impression that Ian Cron is one who reverences The Name in the same way that Jews would not utter God's Name.

Great read. Couldn't put it down.


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D J Futers said…
Loved the book...and I have none of those characteristics so...I lose. Great review Kevin!