Here's a pop quiz. Email or Facebook me with your answers and I'll send out a copy of this book to the highest score.

(Incidentally, the winners of my last book giveaway 'Jesus, My Father, The CIA and Me' were Brad Boughner and Vince Shepley).

So here's the quiz for winning this book:

1. You have been to Australia
2. You have been disillusioned with the North American church believing that its best days are over
3. You are involved in ministry with a friend who lives in another city and have known each other from your youth.
4. You are feeling compelled to dream something great for God
5. You are tired of cynicism and want to restore hope


I grew up in church and felt God's call in my life during my teen years. But, I had qualifiers at the start.

1. I believed that great works for God required going outside or around the church
2. The last thing I wanted to do was become a pastor

Subsequently, I came to realize that God's chosen Kingdom bearer is the Church. My discontent and outward look were well-intentioned, but I needed to align myself as a member of Christ's Body. In turn, I chose to do the last thing in the world. No regrets.

Darren Whitehead & Jon Tyson grew up as young believers in their home country of Australia. Their educational and ministry paths brought them both to America where they re-acquainted and have maintained a long friendship.

It may be that the eyes of the non-American born have clearer vision than those who know nothing else. They bring a fresh perspective on God's dream of a Church filled with hope and ready to serve in fresh, new ways.

This book is a good example of what the Spirit is saying to the Church. For they who have ears to hear...


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