For two weeks, I’ve been thinking daily about the phrase in the Lord’s Prayer- ‘Hallowed be your Name’.

What does it mean to hallow something or someone? And what’s in a name?

When I was born, my mother had read a book in which a doctor had the name Doctor Kevin Rogers. She liked the sound of that and thus I was named. (Kevin, not Doctor). My middle name is Donald after my father.

One of the phenomena in the life of a church leader is entitlement. Depending on your point of reference, people have the habit of calling us something special. I wish I had a dollar for each time that I have been asked, “So what do I call you? Pastor Kevin? Reverend Rogers?” I think my favorite label is when Roman Catholic influenced friends mistakenly call me ‘Father Kevin’. Then they tell me how much they enjoyed my Mass.

Often I will respond light-heartedly to questions about my title by saying, “You can call me Kevin. Long before I was Pastor Kevin, my mother called me Kevin. You can do the same.”

In case anyone cares, I am an ordained Reverend and have the role of pastor. But my name is Kevin. If you respect Kevin, it will be easier to claim the title pastor as it relates to your life. The most important entitlement for me is what my Heavenly Father calls me. In the world of people, Kevin works for me.

To adapt some poetry from the American legend Robert Zimmerman, let me say:

You may call me Kevin, you may call me Kev
You may call me Rogers, you may call me Rev
You may call me KR, you may call me K
You may call me anything but no matter what you say
You’re gonna have to serve somebody

I'm going to serve the Name that is higher than I. I'm going to bend low hoping not to block your view of the King I represent.