I have a fair understanding of how Ontario road systems work. Usually the north and east sides of streets have even numbers. South and west sides have odd numbers. County concessions usually travel parallel to each other. Most roads are marked and a few main highways can take you a long way in the right direction. Signs are posted to help you navigate.

With a quick look at a map, I can usually travel several hundred kilometers without the fear of being lost.

I have encountered detours and road closures and occasionally had to guess at a route based on a few ideas about how road systems are mapped out. Usually a few back roads will lead me to a sign or road that brings me back on the desired route.

I have also been self-confident and on rare occasions got a long way in the wrong direction and had to get help finding the right way. I do learn from my navigation mistakes and will rarely make the same mistake twice.

If only navigating life was that simple. I wish I were more capable in steering clear of sin.

God wants to help us along the journey. He wants to give simple directions and guide us away from the dead ends and washed out bridges. You may drive along endlessly following your own ideas and run out of fuel miles from nowhere. How did I get here? If I knew where I was, I might be able to find a way back to the right road.

God knows we have a lousy sense of direction and will get lost easier than sheep. In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus tells us to ask Father to help us with this problem.

“God, can you help us in taking a safe and direct road? We know how to get lost and turn onto dangerous highways that take us away from where we are going. There are wrong turns that turn into wrong attitudes. More than once, we have taken short cuts that turned into disasters. Help us God. Lead us in the right way.”

Do we want God’s help or do we prefer to follow our instincts, however misguided they may be? You can follow a compass or you can rely on your instincts to find your way out of the woods. The more lost you become, the more you realize you need direction.