Greg Paul's book 'Close Enough To Hear God Breathe' tells intimate stories of the author's life illustrating God's great intimate story of Creation, The Fall, Redemption and Consummation. He talks about his family, children, failure and success in marriage, sex and street ministry.

I read this book with a lump in my throat ready to shed tears on any given page. The great themes of God are manifest in our mortal existence. Greg reminds us of that.

Greg Paul is not a haphazard writer. He writes brilliantly and is too provocative to avoid an enduring legacy.

Greg Paul is a pastor and member of Sanctuary (Toronto), an inner-city church where saints and sinners worship together. It is a church without the protective, social insulation more prevalent in 'nice' safe suburban communities. It is the church Jesus frequents when He is in Toronto.

Get this book.


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Icky-poo. Claptrap theology, clap trap writing. The love affair between Greg Paul and Greg Paul is one of the prettiest in literature. Save your money, don't bother with this book.
Kevin Rogers said…
Sounds personal Katherine. I did not find it to be as you describe.