Ask God and He will give to you. So, what is the catch? Just ask God? We are more like jailbirds who get wise to the fact that the free cigarette or candy bar is actually a payment for a future favor.

We avoid asking some people because of the strings attached. We may get discouraged by the long line of Arnolds ahead of us making their requests. Rather than appearing to be greedy, we ask for nothing.

In your relationship with God, there is no one who has more audience with God than you. He is not tired or limited in any way. He has your full attention.

What midnight distress are you facing? What inadequacy or shortcoming prevents you from functioning more fully? What unexpected need or injustice is moving you towards desperation?

We are free to ask for help. Repeatedly…

How many times will a friend not say, “You could have asked me. If I had known, I would have helped.”

There are times and situations when not even our best friends can help solve a problem. But, they can be supportive and listen. If they can do that, what more can God do? God can do much more than we ask for. God can do more than our imagination permits.