The seminal quote to describe Billy Graham's latest book is found on page 78.

"At my age, I can sympathize with most seniors. The good old days call me back at times, especially when I am with friends who have shared so much. While I choose not to dwell on the past or relive my youth, there are times I long to hike up into the hills with my children or stand in the pulpit to deliver a Gospel message. But the walker, wheelchair and cane near my bed remind me that chapter in life is past. So I thank God for the memories that have enriched my life but look forward to new opportunities, to experiences that can add some dimension to the present. Our attitudes play a major role in the closing scene of life's stage."

Born in 1918, Billy Graham has been an icon of the gospel message for generations. While other evangelists and Christian leaders fall by the wayside, Billy maintains a humility and simple faith that reminds us that the message is true. He is a loving reference point for evangelical leadership and Christian service.

His latest and possibly last book on life, faith and finishing well brings no surprises. The same passion to tell people about Jesus trickles into every chapter. While his last stadium preaching event was in 2005, his message lives on through his writing.

This is valuable material for us. It is a witness to a man's persevering faith, sustainability through ageism and grief and a marker for all of us on the road to old age, our coming death and eternal life.


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