Your eyes may be your friends, but they are willing to play the devil, too. They open wide to covetousness, false judgment, doubt and every kind of evil. If you look at lies you just may make them your own.

There’s something brewing inside everyone. Something is changing in your inner substance to make you more pleasant or more poisonous. The presence of God in you causes all the other ingredients to be transformed. Your eyes give us a window into the microbrewery of your soul.

Jesus’ closest friend John said:

1 John 1:
5This is the message we heard from Christ and are reporting to you: God is light, and there isn’t any darkness in him.

John says God is light. Paul told Timothy that God lives in unapproachable light[i]. We do not have the right kind of eyes to see God and live. If God is to appear to us, it must be in a vision or by appearing in human form.

Theologians refer to anthropomorphism—God speaks to us and reveals Himself in human terms so we can comprehend that which is beyond our understanding. God uses human language and human descriptions to accommodate our weakness and limitation.

Man is formed in God’s image.  This means there are commonalities that allow for shared experience and bonding between God and humanity.

When we read about God’s face, His eyes, strong arms, walking in the Garden, speaking in a human language and so forth, it is because God has chosen to limit Himself to an understandable form. His true form is likened to unapproachable light.

How fitting then, that Christ would put on human flesh and come as the man Jesus. But, Jesus is more than God’s earth suit. Jesus is not a puppet form animated by the hand of God, but a union of Creator and Creation. The Messiah is 100% God and 100% human. This is a mysterious act of submission by God to His own will. The humility and love of God are expressed through the Incarnation—God putting on flesh.

God’s ‘glory’ is often associated with visible displays of light and fire. Jesus reveals the glory of God.

When we look away from God to false comforts, we are affected by what we see. Our influences fill us.

Jesus looked into the eyes of the people around him and noted what He saw.

Luke 11:
 34“Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eye is unclouded, your whole body is full of light. But when your eye is evil, your body is full of darkness. 35So be careful that the light in you isn’t darkness. 36If your whole body is full of light and not darkness, it will be as bright as a lamp shining on you.”

On a cloudy, overcast day the brightness of the sunlight is hidden. Even though clouds are small compared to the sun, their proximity makes for a dull and dreary day. Jesus was explaining that darkness within us can dim our vision and also what others see in us.

The light that you think you have inside you may in fact be darkness. What does He mean? There are many religious beliefs and ideals that people hold on to. But, others looking into our eyes see a different picture. They see darkness in our soul. We may think we have light and see, but it is our vain imagination. Jesus met many self-deluded people who thought they had all the answers, but inwardly were filled with death and darkness.

Through Jesus sacrifice, God’s presence leaves the Holy of Holies and enters our flesh. From the idea of God being untouchable, Jesus brings us to the God who touches us.

The presence of God’s Holy Spirit fills us as a lantern is filled with fuel to bring light to the surrounding world.

[i] 1 Timothy 6:15,16