“I want you to obey me.”

I dare you to say that next time you need something done.

“Obey you? What are you getting at?”

Obedience has a bad rap in the realm of friendly relationships. We wear kid gloves when we handle the ‘o’ word in adult relationships.

You were taught to obey parents, teachers, police and trusted authority figures. It was something you were supposed to do even if it didn’t make sense. Then you became an adult and shortened the list of whom you would obey.

Our grandparents’ generation included that word in their marriage vows when they pledged to love, honour and obey. Unfortunately many of them struck out on all three pitches.

Obedience is a word we have relinquished to police, animal training, and cult leaders. This word has been co-opted by tyrants and thugs—Jim Jones and Kim Jong Il, Adolf Hitler and David Koresh. It’s a manipulative word in the mouths of powerful egomaniacs.

Is it any wonder we twitch a little at Scriptures that tell us to obey?