I do not believe that the institution of marriage will disappear. Its survival in the post-modern world is dependent upon people rediscovering or uncovering a code to live by. It is the law of love and there is much room for us to become graciously law-abiding.

In reading Mark & Grace Driscoll's treatise on 'sex, friendship and life together' I found a couple who invite the reader into their work in progress.

I appreciated the candor and honesty in their confessions. They speak truthfully about their failures to God and each other. They admit to the genuine risk and pain endured in working through the chaos towards healthy love.

They are Bible-based in their understandings as you might expect from one of America's best known preachers. Mark Driscoll has never been one to mince words. He is very direct and often maligned by his critics for being 'too this or that'. But that's also why he appeals to so many. His wife Grace appears to more gentle in her approach, but not wishy-washy. She too speaks with strong conviction.

I did not agree with everything entirely, but there is great value in this read. In defining Christian marriage, they do a good job at aiming for the middle. This is not male chauvinist propaganda, but a call for men to love their wives with greater intentionality and fidelity.

Their section on sexuality was tastefully practical and answers many questions that do not usually come up in polite conversation with your pastor and his wife.

Some great statistics and sociological insights make this a good read for Christians wanting to improve upon their marriage.


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