“I had a feeling that this was going to happen… when the phone rang I knew it was over.”

Are you one of those people who have premonitions before something happens? 

Premonition can be described as that uneasy ‘gut feeling’ that a person feels before something terrible happens. They sense or feel dread prior to an event happening.

The Scriptures have many examples of people who felt more than premonitions. They heard God speak to them with messages of warning with the heartfelt language of the Almighty. These truth-tellers were called prophets.

Part of the Old Testament collection is divided into major and minor prophets, people that God specifically used to communicate with Israel, Judah and the surrounding nations.

They brought the words of a fiery, passionate God who was jealous for His people. Prophets were not moderate or politically correct. They often illustrated God’s message in shocking ways.

Others were showmen who made a living from entertaining religiously minded folks. These were false prophets who told people what they wanted to hear. The real prophets paid dearly for opening their mouths.

Kings and commoners feared them, sought their help and often ended up persecuting them.