Luke 9:
 58 Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.”

“I will follow you wherever you go as long as my expenses are covered and I have some guarantee of hospitality.” I know I have turned down some offers for those reasons. I only hope that I wasn’t turning down Jesus in the process.

The Teacher describes himself as not having a place to lay his head. He did not have property or a permanent residence. We find him in the gospel accounts living as a couch surfer and nomadic wanderer. The one who follows expecting that Jesus will lead to comfort and wealth, take heed.

You cannot truly follow Jesus without a willingness to sleep in a storm-tossed boat or next to a campfire in the wilderness of temptation. You will learn to receive the hospitality of strangers and refreshment from foreigners. The rest of Creation might be able to bunk down in the comfort of one’s own nest, but you will have uncertain comfort.

Jesus’ words remind us that we are not truly at home in a fallen planet. Our home is being built and we are aliens and foreigners in the meantime. Like the prodigal son we journey from the pigpen to our Father’s house with dirty feet and corn breath. But, we know that there is a home for humble servants and trust the Father’s goodness.

The most comfortable people are threatened by the thought of experiencing homelessness. On the other hand, the disenfranchised find comfort in knowing that Jesus knows all about their troubles.