Once you begin your journey, you cannot be sentimental for the good old days. The Jews in the Wilderness lamented their path and wanted to go back to slavery to spice up their diet. Lot’s wife had a difficult time leaving the past behind and lost her life instead of moving forward.

The next conversation involved a man having difficulty making the transition. Following Jesus captured his attention, but he felt the need to explain himself to the family. Could he really run home and say good-bye? Would he not face well-meaning family who would talk him out of it or try to load him down with luggage?

The Lord who knows the heart could see that this man was stalling and torn between priorities. Prophet Jesus says:

Luke 9:
 62 Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”

These are harsh words, but they pierce the heart. Everyone knew that a plowman had to look to the end of the field to do the job right. This was not a job for people who were easily distracted and drawn away to other things.

What is off to the side pulling you away from your call to be a disciple? Those who would follow Jesus learn to move forward with focus. The illustration of the plow speaks of a dedicated task.

Disciples cannot back off from the task. Discipleship is not a second job, a moonlighting task, an ice-cream social or a hobby. It is the product of God's calling and should be pursued with appropriate seriousness.[i]

Have you decided to follow Jesus? 

[i] IVP New Testament Commentary