Based on the numerous teachings of Jesus on wealth and poverty, I have come to some conclusions about how I’m going to get rich by following Jesus. Here is my personal list of what I’m learning:

      1. The most valuable things I have are stored in my heart. I can          take this treasure with me when I die.

      2. Humble self-assessment leads to the recognition of how God-poor I really am. There is always a great reward given when I seek God first.

      3. If I care for the needs of others, I become rich in relationships.

      4. I accumulate soul wealth when I quietly show generosity.

      5. My children grow rich in faith when they say me trust God to supply my needs.

      6. The less I have, the more I see God provide what I need.

      7. I trust God more and love money less.

      8. Contentment comes from trusting God and does not depend on my cash flow.

      9. I can get Grade 'A' produce and tasty breads free of charge at New Song Church. There’s enough resource in the world to end poverty for everyone.

      10. Nothing I have has a deep hold on me. I am free to share everything I have.

But let’s not forget. The purpose of Kingdom wealth is to bring God’s deep gladness to the whole earth. We are called to invest everything in God’s Plan to restore Creation.

We live in the age of hints and allegations that the King is coming. When Jesus comes back every account will be balanced. All of oppression of the poor and injustice will be reversed.

Mercy will finally triumph over judgment. I live for that day.