Mark 4:
39 He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.
40 He said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?”
41 They were terrified and asked each other, “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!”

Earlier that day Jesus had taught the crowds with parables. The reoccurring theme was the Kingdom of God. These stories were word pictures to open the imagination and heart to a greater reality than they knew. Jesus would teach his closest companions about the meaning of these stories.

Stories are good, but sometimes you need to know that truth works in the real world. The calming of the storm ushered in a series of encounters where Jesus would demonstrate God’s power over all kinds of chaos, both natural and demonic.

When Jesus rebukes the storm, he speaks sternly and in language that intimates personality. Do wind and waves have the capacity to hear? He speaks to them as if they can hear and respond. He speaks to the wind and waves the same way that he would address demons.

This was the same voice in Genesis.

Genesis 1:
And God said, “Let there be a vault between the waters to separate water from water.” So God made the vault and separated the water under the vault from the water above it. And it was so.

Jesus was the same Creator voice that spoke to the elements and they took form. From their chaotic state, they emerged in an orderly and stable expression of God’s will. Jesus can still speak to all Creation, from the basic elements of nature to every being in the Created realm—angels, demons, fish and humans.

You cannot read the Old Testament and believe the miracles unless you accept that God’s voice has power to change everything.

It is the same Jesus who calls you from the surrounding chaos into a new creation. It is the voice of Jesus who speaks to the storm in your head and says, “Peace! Be Still!”
Jesus asks them why they were so afraid in the storm. Didn’t they have faith? They had a little faith to wake Jesus up and rebuke him for not caring. Now that Jesus calms the storm, their fear of the storm changes to a fear of the storm-stiller.

Who is this? Even the wind and waves obey him.”