Recently my wife and I decided to do a juice fast for 2 days. All day we lived on the juice of fruit and vegetables and at night had some homemade guacamole with a few tortilla chips.

Overnight I dropped six pounds, felt a peaceful calm in my body and felt my taste buds come to life.

I did not particularly focus on the spiritual, but did notice that sharing the experience with my wife enhanced the bond between us.

While I have often shied away from fasting I am newly interested after reading Chris Seay's book 'A Place At The Table'.

I was particularly moved by the idea that fasting shows solidarity with the poor. Fasting is not just about you and God, but includes recognizing our weakness.

In the book, study guide and DVD Series the material leads individuals and groups through a process of discovery and a call to design a 40 day fast as a sacred journey.

Many of us wake up in the morning and immediately start thinking about what we are going to eat today. Chris Seay invites us to embrace our ability to change things and move from being consumers to people who share what we have. This includes growing in gratitude for God's provision and the simplest pleasures. We need to embrace the rhythm of God's Kingdom; both fasting and feasting. We need both.


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