There are psychic disturbances that lead us to believe that another realm exists between God and Creation. Every record of civilization from ancient to modern recounts phenomena that cannot be easily explained. There are powers and dark forces that are mostly hidden from view and intersect Creation with apparent intelligence and agenda.

On a couple occasions, I experienced night terrors that went beyond stress-related ‘too much pizza’ dreams.

Within the first year or two of launching New Song Church, I awoke one night to a dark presence in the hallway. I can only describe it as a presence that was darker than the unlit house I was sleeping in. I felt a sense of great fear and struggled to breathe a prayer.

Another night I dreamt there was a pile of corpses at the bottom of the basement steps. In my dream I walked up to the dead bodies surprised and curious. The one on top suddenly looked at me and grabbed my arm. I awoke with a shriek nearly giving Marsha a heart attack! To calm down I turned on the light and noticed that my arm was scratched where I dreamt the corpse had grabbed me. There was nothing next to my outside arm that I could have scratched it on.

In 1986 while serving as a youth pastor, I encountered a young woman who was behaving strangely and ran behind the church. Her friends came and told me something was wrong with her. She appeared to be in a trance. Her friend and I coaxed her back to a place where we could talk to her and find out what was happening. She was in a spooky child-like state and reliving a fearful incident from her childhood. The conversation was not going well and I did not know how to resolve it. Eventually I prayed for her. She calmed down and we got her home. I had to return to the church to finish lockup and was feeling spooked. When I entered the office near the back corner of the building… just inside from where we found her in a state of delirium… I jumped when the lights and the phone began to flicker on and off repeatedly. I have never witnessed that kind of electrical disturbance.

I do not usually share these stories. When I do, I find many people have their own dark encounters to tell of.

As a Christian I can read the Scriptures and find glimpses of a spirit realm that has intelligence and deliberate agendas. Christian doctrine describes a realm of spirit beings called angels created to do the will of God. They are supernatural beings.
Satan was filled with pride and lead one-third of the angels into rebellion against God. For that, they were banished from Heaven. Commonly, we call these fallen angels ‘demons’.

I have not personally seen an angel, but have spoken to several people that have. People have seen angels more than once while I’ve been involved in leading worship. I didn’t see anything, but they claim to have.