Men are like dogs. They need to wander but eventually come home.”

I do not remember who first told me this, but I understand it. Many of the guys I know have a nomadic instinct. They enjoy a good road trip or exploration of a different environment. When they pack for a trip, a small bag or backpack is usually enough. They do not pack extra clothes and will wear the same thing more than one day in a row. They do not pack for contingencies like weather or a variety of social occasions. They do not need their own pillow to sleep comfortably.

Women also enjoy travelling, but often have a greater concern for time, the comfort of the destination and the physical needs of the little tribe. Often a woman’s state of well-being is attached to the environment she finds herself in.

Dogs are happy to wander and check things out.

Sometimes this is a tension between husband and wife. Why does he not have the same level of detailed concern for where the kids are, what they’re doing, the weeds in the flowerbed or the paint color for the bathroom?

I’m not sure I’m qualified to provide a satisfactory explanation for the women. Anything I say might sound like, “Woof! Woof!”

However, you may want to consider this. There is a difference between a mongrel dog and a domesticated one.

A wild dog is more driven by appetite and avoids human contact. It is more susceptible to attack, danger and starvation. Wild dogs may travel in packs to reduce their vulnerability. Wild dogs do not smile.

A domesticated dog is humanized. It has routines like daily, prepared food, walks on a leash and the ridiculous baby talk of its master. Domesticated dogs learn to co-exist with cats, small children and become protective of their master’s territory. I’m reasonably certain that domesticated dogs enjoy the pampering and comfortable routines.

Every man must decide whether or not he will be a wild dog or domesticated. Will a stronger wolf be the pack leader or will he submit to a good master? Will he be a vicious hunter or loyal friend?