Several years ago I took some of my window screens to a hardware store on the west end. I walked in and noticed that the store was filled with old stock and dusty shelves. This did not appear to be a busy place.

There is something you should know about me. I have the mantle of confessor upon me. Often I will be in conversation and the other person will say, “I do not know why I am telling you this.” Then they will tell me something that they have never told anyone else.

What should have been a five-minute stop to arrange the screen repairs turned into a forty-five minute listening session as the business owner took advantage of having a customer that would listen to his stories.

He was foul-mouthed and bitter. I don’t think he was looking for redemption as much as an opportunity to brag about his escapades. I have long since forgotten his stories except one.

It seems that the neighboring building had a tenant that gave him a hard time. There were many exchanges of tension and threat between them.  They were bitter rivals. One day the hardware man decided upon a strategy to get his rival neighbor to move away and it worked.

He went to a pet store and bought one hundred white mice. When the neighbor was away he broke into the building and released the mice. It was not long until the neighbor discovered that his building was overrun with mice and decided to move out.

If you have an enemy, there is no limit to the deception and treachery that will be used to ruin your life. Human history has repeatedly proven that people will do unthinkably horrible things to get their way and destroy their enemies. The question is what are we capable that can destroy the life of another? Is there a way that we can secure our lives, our church, our city, our nation and our world from those who would destroy us?

Where is God when people act out in horrible ways?

Why can’t we be friends?