On more than one occasion I have asked my congregation, "How many of you have experienced a miracle or healing at one time that convinced you that God had done it?"

Every time I have asked, about half of the people in the room lift a hand to indicate that to be their experience.

Where are the miracles today? They are scattered everywhere and usually only a handful know about it or will remember it over time.

Tim Stafford has written a comprehensive look at current phenomena attributed to God's Power. He shares many stories of people that experienced miracles and also those who have not.

The book includes a survey of biblical miracles, church history, Pentecostalism and barriers to belief.

As a card-carrying Presbyterian, he speaks to the common ground of prayer that all believers function in. He presents fair commentary on the strength and weakness of those who believe miracles ended with the apostles; to modern ministries like Bethel Church, The Vineyard, Benny Hinn, Jack Hayford and the experience of missions outside North America. 

He has an especially valuable chapter entitled, 'Can A Scientist Believe In Miracles?'

Tim Stafford encourages us to live in hope that God can surprise us. We do not need to follow movements or personalities, but follow the signs to the King.

I will recommend this one widely.


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