Like the 6-inch shark in an aquarium, some Christians stay small and immature because they prefer the protective smallness to the challenge of the ocean outside the door.

But we were not created to stay flake-fed and dependent in the cozy walls of a church.  We were made to swim and hunt in the ocean of God’s world.  Jesus was clear about us developing an outward-bound lifestyle.  We are supposed to be going into the entire world as teachers of the gospel, making disciples and representing our Lord. 

This was not directed just to pastors, missionaries and evangelists.  You can expect that they should have that concern.  Jesus’ words were directed to the whole church.  You are his ministers and teachers in the world. 

Jesus is returning and you should be learning your trade. What will be your job?  Get outside and find out.  You won’t know how big you can grow in God if you won’t go into the world that needs your Jesus. The Kingdom of God is not going away. It is multiplying and the world is groaning with expectation waiting for that to happen.