When you watch a movie with foreign accents or languages, it helps to have sub-titles on the screen. The sub-titles take the guesswork away.

God records everything that happens in your life. If we are to observe what’s happening to us, there is often a sub-text of what God is trying to say to us. The Scriptures give us sub-titles for the reality show of our life.

As you learn to reference God’s Word the message of your life becomes clear. Your life is actually a scene in God’s epic story. Looking for God’s message in our life helps us to understand the bigger story that God is telling.

While we are accustomed to hearing what comes out of someone’s mouth, the Scriptures reveal the thought bubbles of God. The Word of God needs to be a constant reference at the bottom of your life screen.

If you are not hearing the voice of Jesus leading you in your life, it’s not because Jesus is silent.  You need to learn to listen in some way everyday.  This is how we put the sub-titles on our life and hear the message that God has for us.

Then when Sunday comes along you can hear Jesus whether the preacher did or not. You can read the Bible passages being studied and have your own steak dinner just in case the preacher is serving up hot dogs.