At some of the conferences I attend there will be sign language translators that serve the deaf present. Instead of excluding the deaf from a meeting, a translator will be provided.

I am sure you can appreciate how important it is for the translator to have excellent listening skills. They are tasked with hearing the message and passing it along in another language to the observers.

When it comes to God speaking, He prefers to speak directly to you. If you are inaccessible or deaf to the voice, God will sometimes leave a message with someone else. He will speak to a translator who can relay the message that you are not hearing.

Is your translator reliable? Who do have in your life that hears from God and can speak your language? A reliable translator is first a good listener and understands most of what they are hearing.

In the teachers and guiding relationships of your life, listen to people that you know can be trusted with communicating the Master’s voice.

Jesus says that his followers recognize His voice. Have you heard his voice? He wants to be your guide.