Speaking of leftovers, my son-in-law Doug Baert was given a fully cooked turkey at Thanksgiving. A relative of his cooked four turkeys for a gathering and there was only two used. Doug came home with a complete turkey for he and Karli.

One week later, Doug was telling us that he had eaten turkey every day. He was a little sleepier than usual and definitely tiring of turkey, but he didn’t want it to be wasted.

When the thousands were fed with loaves and fishes, there were 12 baskets of leftovers. Jesus is a little bit like Doug in that way. He doesn’t want anything to be wasted.

Jesus cares about leftovers. Maybe you have felt like a leftover at times. Your freshness is gone, but you still want to be useful. You may feel that God is only interested in the beautiful people with exceptional skills. The world may treat you like a leftover to be kept as Plan B just in case there’s no one better.

But, Jesus cares about leftovers. He cares about us and He gathers us up when others have discarded us.

God loves a challenge. In fact, God loves you with all your challenges. When you feel hopeless and helpless to face the overwhelming, God is not intimidated by the size of your need.

God is never hopeless or helpless when it comes to you. Often, you may hear the Voice pointing to the impossible needs. Do you hear the voice of Jesus who calls us to see the hungry crowd and asks that we feed them?

Though your faith may be small, would you at least look for a starting point? He can take the most insignificant person with the most insignificant amount and multiply effectiveness beyond reasonable calculation.

Will you give up your lunch if He asks for it?