When the disciples shooed away the parents bringing children, Jesus sternly responded, “Don’t ever get between them and me!” Jesus’ valuing of the vulnerable sector is beyond question. We know where God stands and are warned against blocking the gate.

How are we like the disciples? When we do we get between people and Jesus?

The disciples did not capture the child-like essence of the Kingdom.  They were still thinking about a materialistic Kingdom.  They weren’t thinking like kids who prefer the world of imagination and play.

Why did the disciples rebuke the parents?  Perhaps they thought that Jesus needed to spend His time with ‘the grown-ups’ and the more influential people.  And of course, who would be more influential than His closest followers?  They couldn’t have Jesus distracted and wasting time playing with the kids.

Are we any better than our kids?  Are we any better than the ‘little people’ who are disguised in our midst as adults?  When we have a superior attitude, we miss out on the ‘little agents of blessing’.

When a childish person invades our hallowed social circle, do we welcome them and give them equal access?  Do we only let certain ones get close to take up our time and priorities?

Who are your friends?  Just the ones who are mature and easy to live with; like you might assume yourself to be?

Jesus considered the insignificant little children to be a blessing and not a bother.  Jesus recognized their worth and made time for them.

Why they cannot even get their own bottle!  And when they stink, they didn’t know how to change their own diapers!  Can you imagine?  We even have to dress them.  We do all these things because we love them.  They do not have to ask.  We are looking out for them.  Who of God’s little people are you looking out for?

You know… children are a lot of work.  They will zap your time and energy.  But love makes them a blessing, not a bother.  Love is patient and kind and keeps no record of wrongs.

Jesus said that we must not hinder them.  We must not cause little people to stumble or turn away.

We will hinder people from entering God’s Kingdom if we forget that they are what His Kingdom is all about.  It is not a kingdom of prestige and power, money and politics, fashion and talent… It is a kingdom of little people who are not afraid to be small before a Big God!  It is a kingdom with a door three feet high and a circle slide!

We do not have a sign at the gate that says you have to be this tall to go on the ride. Jesus has another sign at the gate that says you cannot enter unless you are this small.

The door of the Kingdom is only three feet high.  You have to bow or crawl to get in.  No one who is self-righteous or self-sufficient need apply for this Kingdom!  The door is closed to ‘mature’ people who justify their evil without conscience and are proud of their independence.